Moving experiences

It is a little hard to comprehend that it has been a mere six weeks since I last blogged. Much of our world has changed since then, not least because we wanted it to. I haven’t returned to work yet, but it is already good to know that when I do I will not be spending upwards of two hours every work day just getting there and back. I have another week of holidays before I go back to work, so I will be spending time doing house stuff, enjoying the company of Beloved K and kids A and S, and (hopefully) relaxing to the best of my ability. I’m still hopeful of getting at least one round of golf in somewhere, but at the present rate of golfing invitations I will have to go and play a round by myself – not a disaster, but it can be a lot more fun to share the game).

What can I say about moving house? Beloved K had the packing plan down pat before I even finished work, so I just had to follow it. A workmate loaned me a trailer, which took some of the bits and pieces pressure off, and the rest of it barely fitted on the truck. Dents and scratches now adorn all of our wooden furniture pieces, although the piano came through OK (with an excessive amount of shoving uphill by me – removalists would not have managed it by themselves). Overall, however, it was a lot more pleasant than doing it all by ourselves. We were not as physically destroyed as we had been after most of our previous house moves, and that left us in much better shape to do the unpacking and arranging.

My handyman skills have come to the fore more than ever before. I have successfully hung the dryer (second time in five years), I have put three nice hooks on the walls (one in the ensuite, two in the walk-in wardrobe) and – the toughest of all – hung a new gate frame, hinges and gate at the new house. OK, I still have to finish the gate, but significant progress has been made and it is just finishing touches to go. The fence around our deck/balcony thingo is one of those steel frame and tensioned wire jobs, and making the gate match is the challenge. You wouldn’t believe how much the sets of wire, turnbuckles and eyelets cost….and drilling in to steel makes me nervous (by virtue of the fact that you can’t undrill it once it’s done. The scale of my achievements, however, still pales in comparison to what Brother Joe will most likely achieve in his first week of renovating his new abode. I’ve heard all sorts of renovation advice over the years, much of which can be distilled in to “if you won’t risk breaking it, you can’t fix it”. Good luck Brother Joe! We’re barracking for you all the way.

There are no doubt more happenings of the last six weeks that I will think of after I blog, but I wil try to record them as I think of them. Next post will include pictures of our new abode….promise!



6 thoughts on “Moving experiences

  1. ah .. you did survive the moving!

    pianos are a hazard, particularly uphill. the trick is to get a “piano mover”. expensive but no effort.

    good to hear from you again. enjoy holidays. some ones birthday coming up soon.

  2. Wooh! Good to see you’re back in the land of blog. Hope everyone is well, and enjoying the new place. Are you tired of the view yet??
    Anymore more discussion of handyman skills and I’ll sneak down and abduct you for a month! lol… Be well.

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