The gate

For all my internalised feelings of inadequacy when it comes to working with my hands, it appears that my (assisted) efforts to hang a gate and decorate it nicely have paid off. OK, so I had already hung the gate (as described in the previous post) but it was a work of epic proportions and required a greater flourish in the telling.

The gate materials were a kit or two from Bunnings. I realise having personally mined and refined the steel myself would have sounded more heroic, but let’s face it, nobody who reads this blog would have believed it in a second. Assembling the pieces in the right order was a cinch…..drilling holes in to steel to make it stay together was where my courage failed somewhat. For some reason at some point years ago I developed a highly attuned aversion to stuffing things up. I can’t imagine how that was since my attempts at manual labour were so few and far between. I know I did a few things right (and even once developed muscles as a teenager that I have never had again) but it is the memory of getting things wrong that seems to have stuck.

Anyway, putting the actual gate frame together turned out to be the easiest part of the whole deal. I was really worried when I had to pre-drill holes in very tough steel posts on our existing deck to attached the hinges and the latch. I managed this, hung the frame and sat back for a couple of rainy days marvelling at the fact that I had destroyed neither the deck nor the gate to this point.

Yesterday I carried out the relatively easy job of spraypainting the gate to match the posts on the deck. We came pretty close with “Killrust indian red”, which is closer to brown that the name suggests.

Today was the challenging part – attaching 14 steel “eyelets” to run steel wire across the gate, keeping the wires at the same level as the existing wires in the deck fencing. To cut a long story short, the Beloved K provided sterling aid and ingenius ideas that helped us to get the job done just 28 drilled holes, 14 eyelets and 8.5metres of steel rope later, it is done.

I still don’t have pictures of our home for you, but the time is coming, and you can bet that the gate will feature at least as prominently as the view from the front of the deck.
Ahhh…the legend of the hanging of the gate is growing already….I can feel it!



3 thoughts on “The gate

  1. if you talk it up future generations will re-tell this story with embelishments. now is the time to implant your desired embelishments into their innocent minds.

    congratulations on gate. did you know bunnings give much free verbal advice, free easy how-to pamphlets and free demonstrations? without a doubt other triumphs will occur.

  2. Believe it or not we went to one of their DIY sessions last night! Two hours of free learning on how to sand the deck and make it look fantastic despite years of neglect. We think we’ll spend a weekend on that really soon!

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