A thousand words (or so)

Pride in a new home is not a new or even rare thing, but we do feel it in our new home, so I will now (after much promising) attempt to share some of it. You have all seen the front of the house, although I will repeat it here:

 Property photo

That was the sight that greeted me when I first drove up to the front of the house to have a look. When I reached the top of the stairs, I saw this:

  The view

At that point I decided to buy the house. I hadn’t even looked inside. On the off chance there was a major chemical manufacturing facility to the left, I glanced in that direction and saw this:

 Left view

At this point, with the place already mine in my mind, Beloved K arrived, and was also suitably impressed with the view. She, however, wisely decided to look inside the home before deciding to part with the cash. On the deck, she saw this (without the tables, chairs and cat):

 The deck

Inside the front door, there is a loungroom to the left:


And there is a bedroom (with ensuite and walk-in robe) to the right:

 Main bedroom

The kitchen looks like this:


And the dining/second living area looks like this:


Child A sleeps in here (after much furniture rearranging):

 Child A’s room

And Child S in here:

 Child S’s room

I couldn’t leave you without some outside shots, so here are the continuation of the deck around the western side of the house, the view from that side, and the back yard:

 Western deck  Yard  Yard

And the prize, of course, will go to the author of the first comment that points out which photo shows the now famous me-constructed gate!



4 thoughts on “A thousand words (or so)

  1. Congrats on the lovely photos, it looks almost as good as actually being there, no it doesn’t, nothing can quite compare to being up on that deck looking out over most of the surrounding suburbs and far far away, it is worth climbing those stairs.
    Now, as for the gate, bloody good job Scoop, that looks great too, I shall compliment further when I get up close with it (hopefully not laden with heaps of bags, facing up-hill at 90 degrees, trying to open it with my right big toe).

    Fantastic …….

    Is that an empty beer or a bottle of Kaluha in the kitchen shot…?? you guys did have a good night didn’t you…??

  2. The gate is in one of the pictures, but it is not the gate’s best angle. When the rain stops (maybe late in the week?) I will take a gate-specific picture and post it here.
    Also…..that’s not actually a beer in the kitchen shot. It’s ginger beer cordial.

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