Public holidays

I’ve lost count of the number of conversations I’ve had about the fact that I work on public holidays, and that I really don’t mind because I get two weeks of extra annual leave to compensate for them. For some reason, today feels a little different. The kids are off to their new school tomorrow, making this school holidays one of the biggest in terms of change that they have experienced in their young lives. It feels like I should be at home, sharing their last non-school day of the term with them. Instead, I’m going to work, where I will effectively be as in-charge as anyone else. That means the “I feel like staying home” feeling is clashing directly with my usual “if all else fails, be in charge, it’s more fun” feeling.

Still, work has to win this one – too much to get done today and nobody else to do it.



4 thoughts on “Public holidays

  1. on saturday, like most people, I forgot it was australia day so not sure that I should have a public holiday at all. actually I have a good idea which I may send to Kevin Rudd. in the interests of multiculturalism and to avoid any hint of racist behaviour, I think there should be public holidays for Austria day, Somalia day, New Zealand day, India day, Iraq day, Mozambique day, Pakistan day, Afganistan day, etc etc etc. There should be about fifty two of them so no one would ever have to work on a Monday again and you could add fifty two days in lieu to your holidays. in India they celebrate national teachers day, aunties day, naturalists day, farmers day and so on and so on. but they dont get holidays for them which seems a bit unaustralian.

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