Bite me

Some people talk about life in stages. It seems we’re are all in one stage or another, depending on how we view the stages. I am, by some measures, in the “earning stage”, when I make money, progress through the ranks as best I can at work and be a good little capitalist business unit……spending most of the money as I go.

My son, Child S, is going through a completely different stage of life – the “look, I can poke my tongue through the gap where my teeth used to be” stage. The evidence for this is here:


It is not possible to see it in this picture, but he has actually lost three teeth, the two middle ones on the bottom, and one middle one on the top. The top one came last, and the one next to it is wobbly as well. The top one came out when he was eating dinner. Beloved K, either cleverly on purpose or blissfully unaware of the likely impact, served corn-on-the-cob with dinner. Child S went to take a bite, and the top tooth popped out and rattled across the floor. With blood streaming from his mouth, the unconcerned Child S said “Mummy, I don’t think I can eat my corn any more”. It was priceless.

In other news, Children A and S have both settled in to thier new school very well. They have started karate lessons at a new dojo that they really like, and organising piano lessons will come shortly (plenty of practice going on though!).

Beloved K sat a job interview Monday morning, was offered the job Tuesday morning, accepted it Wednesday morning, is visiting there Friday morning and starting work next Tuesday morning. I wonder what she will do with the afternoons? Seriously though, it is three days a week in a medical practice that is all of 12 minutes from home – perfect! There would not have been much point in moving house to get rid of my commute, only to give Beloved K a longer one. She doesn’t seem overly excited about having a new workplace, possibly because as a medical practice/treatment room job she has done it all before (recently) and doesn’t see much of a challenge in it. Hopefully the people will be great and she will enjoy the process of working with them.

Lastly, but not leastly, thank goodness it is almost football season. I am not much of a cricket fan at the best of times, but this summer’s contents¬†have been particularly insipid and boring. Bring back the Ashes, I say. The Pies play a meaningless preseason game on Saturday night (in Dubai of all places), then it’s only six weeks to the real stuff. I’m looking forward to seeing more games this year – Pies V Lions on March 28, and Pies V Bombers on April 25.

Nice to talk to Jweg, Jury and Nicki over the last 12 hours or so….glad all are doing well.



5 thoughts on “Bite me

  1. Awww how cute is that picture? Very, I can see many meals containing corn on the cob, steak and ice-cream coming up this week, never mind, they will grow soon, but not until child has developed a fantastic ‘lisp’ that will be hard to control (and difficult not to giggle at) at home and school (but all the kids are doing it).

    Yay Footy season….. tipping again this year?

    Have fun with new job SIL…K

  2. “Dubai of all places” is actually a sophisticated mega wealthy and glamorously capitalist mega business and upper class tourist city. (complimentary or excrutiatingly critical descriptives depending on your viewpoint).

  3. my daughters front tooth was only just hanging in when she was invited to be a little flower girl in a wedding. I prayed desperately for that tooth to stay in place. instructions on the day which normally might be “smile nicely, walk nicely, enjoy the wedding” were replaced with “DONT smile too much DONT wobble your tooth DONT push your tooth out with your tongue and DONT bite any thing with your front tooth”.

    ps. her tooth stayed in place

  4. Thanks for that…….. Glad I could keep the tooth in place.

    My ‘older kids’ still have some baby teeth in their mouths, thank your lucky stars that your kids teeth fall out at least…. You wont have to drag reluctant 16 year old to the dentist to have some of them removed.

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