Today my Beloved K is going to work. She has a bit of a commute this morning because she must be inducted in to the ways of her new employer, and they do that at a place other than that which will be her regular workplace. I know she will be good at this job, because she has done it before and been very highly valued wherever she has worked. I also know (it’s easier to tell when you live here) that she doesn’t really want to go. Since leaving her last job when she moved, Beloved K has grown attached to the time she has been able to spend with our children. Having had 5 weeks holidays myself, I have a small insight in to this, but I have been used to the full time work routine for a long time now, and a holiday still seems to me like a holiday rather than a new lifestyle trial.

What I do know is that going back to work does cause Beloved K some pain. No, she is quite physically capable of her work. It is the emotional pain of separation from firstly her children, and secondly the lifestyle she would prefer to have. If this sounds like criticism to you then read it again – it is not the rant of a husband who “doesn’t get it”. Deep down inside I wish I had the power to grant her the lifestyle she craves. Maybe this taps in to some old fashioned desire to be the great provider, I’m not really sure, but I feel this way anyway. I encourage Beloved K to follow dreams, to pick a job or career she could fall in love with (no matter how unreachable it seems) and to pursue them, but instead she has gone back to her previous field of work because she knows we need the money to pay for the things we want – karate and piano lessons, a pool by the end of the year, and holidays to see family, friends and amazing places. I hope she understands that I do understand her sacrifice, and that I want her to be happy above all things. I hope that, one day, she decides her dreams (work or otherwise) are still there, and that I will stand behind her every minute to help her realise them.

In other news, it’s raining……..and raining and raining. A certain monsoon trough mentioned in passing at is making its presence felt in our part of the world today. Dam levels have already risen from 16 per cent to 36 per cent in the last month, and the talk is all of easing our level 6 water restrictions. I reckon they should leave them in place for a while yet, but that probably won’t be up to me. Anyway, levels are expected to pass 40 per cent this week. Lovely!



5 thoughts on “Sacrifices

  1. Hmmmm, I hear ya, lifes like that sometimes, feels like heaps of effort now, but in the long run it will all work out positively and I think you both realise that, geez, just look back at your student days, heaps of suffering, lots of hard work, planning and setting goals, and look at where you guys are now, now you guys are in ‘consolidating mode’, you have both grown so much, I see only good things in the future. Amazing.

    Happy week to ya’s.

    P.S If you dig a hole in your back yard I reckon you’ll have a pool by the end of the week.

  2. you should have dug out a pool shaped hole. but then you probably dont want the muddy bottomed variety.

    I know what its like wrenching yourself away from your children to go to work. usually the said children are quite happy. sad when your children let you go without being overly traumatised. there are compensations – adult company, salary, challenges. swimming pool. is it worth it? no one has ever found a satisfactory answer to that one. in some ways yes. in some ways no.

    governments sway public opinion one way then another – mothers should always be at home. oops theres a war on – mothers should be farmers and factory hands. war over now – mothers should be at home. housing prices soar – women have to accept it takes two wages to buy a home. increasing adolescent crime – where are their mothers? should be home. living costs go up and up – well mothers should be out working. increasing unemployment – mothers are taking all the jobs, should be home. too many on welfare – yep you guessed it, cut out the pension and single mothers will just be forced to work. on and on it goes. we are almost due for a “mothers should stay at home” cycle

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