So NOW I get busy

My job has involved a lot of planning, negotiating, persuading, influencing, calcualting and estimating. This last week or so an interesting new development has been added…..doing. I had really enjoyed being an influencer, planner, persuader, calcualtor and estimator……but I’ve enjoyed it so much that I must have gotten out of the habit of all this doing. This has made me feel a bit rusty in this department, but there is nothing like pressure to shake the rust off. This week everything (to do with me anyway) on our three projects was progressing according to plan until the goalposts moved. Week three’s project has now been moved to week two, and vice versa, leaving my timing and allocation of resources somewhat out of whack. The only viable fix was to take on much of the actual week three work myself in order to get it done in time for week two. Suffice to say that I will most likely be spending Saturday researching the history of a place I’ve only been to twice, let alone know anything about! By contrast, getting the week two project under control by week three will be a breeze……and hopefully that means the third week of the project will be a little easier…more like coasting to the finish line when you know you are well in front.

Great to see the piccies of Brother Joe’s new house……sure, he has work to do, but I bet he’s going to love every minute.

Sorry to hear about Sister Nell’s recent injury re-occurrence. I hope it’s not restricting her too much.

Hmmmmm…… why can’t I find Nicki’s blog?

Great to see another flurry of blogging from Beloved K………we still haven’t answered that avatar question though.



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