Waiting for payday

Funny how it doesn’t matter how much you get paid, or how often, you always seem to be painfully ready for it whenever it is almost here. For the last week or so Beloved K and I have been in one of those pre-payday holding patters. There’s food in the cupboards, petrol in the cars, everything is still working…….we’ve just stopped spending any money. Are we worried? Not really, because K gets paid tomorrow and me two days later (mmmmm…..monthly pay) but it still has us feeling on edge because, well, the bills have stacked up a tad and we haven’t done many of the things that we promised ourselves yet (garden shed, insulation, deck sanding and sealing). We have just started tracking our financeds using Quicken again, which is another funny thing because we never seem inspired to track our money properly unless we don’t have much of it. When we are in plentiful supply, we don’t seem too scientific about tracking it at all! As I’ve said for a long time, whether you’re rich or poor it’s nice to have money.

Yesterday I had an interesting “wow, fancy that” moment. I was at a historical society-run museum set-up for some work research, and I saw a clock just like the one that takes pride of place on the dresser in our dining room. Mine, of course, was a wedding present given to my great grandfather, William Taylor, on the occaision of his wedding in 1914. The one I saw yesterday was the closest I had seen to the exact design, although it had been left (or made) in natural wood tones rather than painted a shiny black. I have to say it was also in nowhere near as good a condition as mine. Suffice to say mine still makes noises like “tick” and “ding”, whereas yesterday’s had obviously not done so for many a year.

Just a month to go before my brief jaunt down to Melbourne for Cousin M’s wedding……looking forward to it actually. My brilliant plan has me getting in to Avalon Airport around 1pm on the day of the actual wedding, then conniving a friend to come and pick me up, grab a quick cuppa and a chat and then drop me off at the wedding before it starts at 4pm. Risky? Maybe, but you have to have some adventure in your life, and I had already promised to take Child A and Child S to the footy the night before, and I didn’t want to let them down. Flight home will be at some ridiculous hour on the Monday night, leaving me looking for taxis around midnight. Just for good measure, I took the Tuesday off to avoid problems like suffering concussion when I went to sleep and banged my head on the desk.

Musical update – I still can’t play a note. Besides that, however, we have decided to drive the kids an hour each Saturday back to their old piano teacher. Potential new teacher just wouldn’t return calls….most annoying….but old teacher was over the moon at having them back. Upside is that old teacher lives close to Jury, and we’ll be able to visit just that bit more often than we have managed as late. Woo-hoo!



5 thoughts on “Waiting for payday

  1. Woohoo for piano lessons, that’s so cool, can’t wait, when do the kids start? You need to put item in the local paper ‘Parents willing to part with $$?? to anyone who will teach piano (official) to two kids on a Sat morning’

    I know how you feel about upcoming holidays….. 22 days until we leave heading north. Yay.

    Wow about the clock, did they have info about it, was it made by the same production mob? Did you tell them to get the bloody thing fixed, as it is magical?

    Funny how you manage to get things paid when you are poor.

  2. clock by “Sessions” american.

    about avalon. “Sunbus” meets every plane. buy a ticket at the Sunbus service desk in the arrivals hall. (not sure what happens if too many passengers want to get on). you can travel to werribee RSL ($16), spencers street station (now called southern cross transit $20) or franklin street depot. for bus TO avalon you have to book and pre pay. http://www.sunbusaustralia.com.au

    maybe faintly likely some one could pick you up in synott street

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