Easy dinner recipes

I must admit first up that I don’t cook anywhere near as often as I should or could, but I do love good food (as anyone who has seen my bodyshape would likely attest to). I have the good fortune to be married to a woman who has talent in this field, not to mention creativity. Beloved K has her own time pressures, working three days a week and doing the bulk of the child-based running about, but despite this she puts wonderful meals on our table and seems to do it with relative ease.

Tonight was a case in point……Starting with frozen pizza bases, the first came to life with spaghetti sauce (in place of tomato paste), pumpkin, sweet potato, brocoli, ham, cheese and leftover roast lamb. The second was different, but just as good……she replaced the lamb and ham with tinned salmon. The end result was a great family dinner, cooked in no time at all and everybody happy.

My question to the assembled masses is, what is your favourite throw-together meal, and how do you do it?



3 thoughts on “Easy dinner recipes

  1. my best favourite throw together – lightly pan fry chicken slices with onions. stirfry with sweet chilli sauce lots of celery and snow peas. at the last few seconds throw in half a packet of that shredded salad from safeway. they call it rainbow salad. serve with rice or pasta or pumpkin. best meal in about ten minutes.

  2. Probably anything in a can or packet….excluding dog/cat food, instant is good, never underestimate the power of ‘leftovers, some of the best meals we have made have been stirfry with leftover roast meat. It always turns out the best when surprised by unannounced lunch or dinner guests. It’s funny when something that we make to ‘bring to dinner’ all seem to be hits but to us it’s just a normal and unappreciated meal.

    When I was a kid……. My friend Louise use to make a meal at her fathers house whenever I stayed over there, it was baked beans, egg, bacon, onion and cheese, all made in a frypan then served on toast. And to tell you the truth this is something that I have made recently, it has a unique taste, it is what I call my Canberra meal. Well, I like it.

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