And about time too

At long last, after many months, the waiting-for-football season is finished. Tonight, the football season begins. Yes, I have to wait a couple more days for my beloved Magpies to take the field, but the feeling of optimism is even more irrational than in most other years…..I think we are going to do very well.

Must go….have to check snack levels in the cupboard!



9 thoughts on “And about time too

  1. My interest is minimal whats more interesting is the nasty politics at my work. Im trying to steer clear of it all fortunately its other clinics hope it stays away. Just in case your wondering work has been busy- easter rush.

  2. Melbourne for the Grand Final……I like your thinking! Tickets might be a bit expensive, but if the Pies are there it would be worth it!
    As for work politics, it’s only as important as you let it be. Rise above it and the squabbling and bitching doesn’t matter much.

  3. makes life interesting to observe how badly people can behave. applies to football or work place. so boring when every one is predictable.

    tickets expensive. accommodation free.

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