Long way from home

I am a long way from home today, spending some time in Nickinightrider-land to catch up on family business. Last night was Cousin M’s wedding to K (his K, not my Beloved K…..gee, that’s confusing!). The weather wasn’t perfect (I would have been freezing to death whether I was at a wedding or not), but the ceremony was creative and enjoyable. Note for Cousin M – best “function food” I’ve had anywhere…..bar none. I saw faces I had not seen for a while….some for months, others for years. It was really fun and good for the soul too, I felt. All the members of my extended family were who I remembered they were, even if some were struggling somewhat. Helping Grandma up the stairs was nervewracking….not that I thought I would drop her but that I just didn’t have the experience in doing it carefully but properly that some others had. All ended safe and well though. It was so much fun watching the various kids running amok. An excellent dose of harmless fun.

I have to confess that I am missing my babies terribly. Beloved K and I have a running joke….to anyone who asks what I do for a living, she says I “go to work and play with my friends”. On this trip I’m catching up with all of two friends in three days, preferring to spend my time talking to Nicki. Sure, I could have the same conversations on the phone, but somehow that just doesn’t have quite the same qualities…..the glint in the eye, the knowing expression at just the right moment. I guess moving nearly 2000km away will do that (no regrets, just wistful “wouldn’t it be nice if we all lived closer together”). Not seeing Beloved K and Children S and A is hurting. I want Child S to talk all the way through a movie, asking questions he already knows the answer to and will declare loudly as soon as he determines that I don’t know. I want to hear Child A play the piano so I can tell her how wonderful she is. And I want to fall soundly asleep in Beloved K’s arms.

One more sleep, and then I get home in the middle of the night.



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