Back at home

Got in late on Monday night and I reckon it has taken me three days to actually feel normal and energetic again. I didn’t even misbehave in the land of Nicki…..just enjoyed Nicki’s company greatly. I’m missing her now that I’m back home.

On the home front, Beloved K is a bit low at the moment, suffering some side effects after her flu shot earlier in the week. Like a trooper she is soldiering on, even though the work environment is a bit tense at the moment. You have to wonder about a medical practice that trims back the medical supplies order to save money. K is playing the diplomat at the moment, but I’ve very proud of her efforts to resist pressure to work extra days. it’s not easy to say “no” to a new employer, but she has done it with style and grace. Good on her.

Today is Bike Day at the school of Children S and A. I was so proud. Child S is not confident at all on a bike, and has spent the last couple of months refusing to ride it until we put the training wheels back on. We haven’t done so (he is six and a half, after all!). This morning, with his sister’s patient help, he rode all the way to school, all of 800 metres. He might have done it 50 metres at a time, but he got there and was really pleased about it judging by the look on his face.



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