What’s that sound?

Ah…….it’s silence.

Children A and S have been spending the school holiday week with M-I-L A and F-I-L K, a nice trip for them and kind of convenient for us because we are still working and didn’t want to send them off to vacation care if we could at all avoid it. Not that they have ever been to vacation care, so for all I know they might love it, but childhood trips to the grandparents do create special memories. I know they did for me.

This has left us with the problem, however, of it being so darn quiet here in the mornings and evenings. “Will you hurry up and……oh, you’re not here”. Kind of takes the wind out of the sails really.

Tuesday night Beloved K and I went and saw Vantage Point at cinema. It was really nice just to spend time out in each other’s company, and the movie itself was passable as well. Last night we met after work at Borders Books, our wonderful discovery (well, we discover slowly) of a massive bookshop that has titles we haven’t seen for years, plus a full scale Gloria Jeans coffee shop right there in the middle of the bookshop! Yep, browse and drink coffee….hard to beat.

I’m enjoying a really busy but successful period at work. Beloved K is still bored senseless by very slow work days. One wonders whether they would have received more applications for the job if the advertisement read “wanted, someone to sit around reading novels all day, and occaisionally treat patients – must have nursing registration and own library”.



4 thoughts on “What’s that sound?

  1. hilarious. you dont really get that sort of peace until they grow up and leave home. if they do. trend is they are staying home so long the parents are leaving home.

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