Busting a gut

It’s one of those interesting phrases that is particularly practical because of its adaptability to different circumstances. It’s a bit like the word “set”, which has more than 50 dictionary meanings, depending on the context.

Being an Aries, let’s talk about me first. I have been “busting a gut” at work for the last month, finally putting in the actual hard work required on the property guide project that has been my greatest work objective since before Christmas. In short, I told them it would work, it is working, and I’m getting all of the credit. Great result really. It has entailled an incredible amount of work personally. Much of this work will not have to be redone next time, which is a wonderful blessing. I have largely myself to blame for how much of the work I ended up doing myself, but there is nothing like keeping the maximum level of control over the results when you have put your reputation on the line to make something happen. Anyway, all’s well that ends well, and this has (so far). Much of the pressure (and, again, long hours) have now subsided.

Sister N and Nephew J have unfortunately suffered a different form of “busting a gut” this week, with an unkind bout of gastroenteritis. I’m hoping they have somewhat recovered from the poor shape they were in earlier in the week. They still were not up to having visitors when we did the Child A and Child S piano lesson run this morning, but hopefully they will be on the mend really quickly.

That’s about all I’ve got in the “busting a gut” category for now, but rest assured I will post again immediately if I come up with something else of that order.

Sad to hear that Grandma is doing it tough in hospital at the moment. I hope she gets on the mend soon. Great to know that her daughters are rallying around her each day, and I’m sure it makes a real difference to Grandma. It wouldn’t be easy to see her in such shape after a fall, but I can say that the almost-daily updates via Nicki are avidly read by all up here and greatly appreciated.

Child A has a friend coming over for four hours tonight to watch the Goodies DVDs that Child A has told her so much about. Should be interesting. Child A is also in training for her first full-on competitive karate tournament (a statewide invitational event), and has taken some impressive steps with her karate, especially her kumite (belting people, while not getting belted). Child S brought us home an invitation to his class play “Adventures in Space”. Sounds good, and I reckon I’ll take a Monday morning off to go and see it with Beloved K. Speaking of Beloved K, she is heading out with some of the ladies from our street tonight. Good fun in adult company, so I’m sure she’ll have a great time.

Dog M is still lazy, spending most of every day sunning herself on the deck. She made a great attempt at being an inside dog, but blew it when she jumped on the bed while I was sleeping at 1.30am.

Cat E is still fat, and decides what time I get up each morning. Hardly fair, but what are you going to do….she’s a cat.

Last but not least, great to see all those great photos from the far north. I’ve almost got enough of an impression to find my way around Brother J’s house, but not quite. I’m really impressed with how he is tackling his property investment/home ownership dream. Quite amazing. It’s almost enough to make me think I could develop skills of a practical nature.




5 thoughts on “Busting a gut

  1. Yes, Brother J is quite impressive, he has done some amazing work and it looks great

    Yes, I was a little sad myself as we have been afflicted with the nasty gastro bug, it’s not that nice at all.

    Goodies night sounds like fun….

  2. on “busting your gut”
    In Australia hernias are among the most frequently reported long-term conditions. An estimated 220,000 men and 160,000 women had a long-term hernia in 2001, according to estimates derived from an analysis by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare of earlier data compiled by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. These figures translate to 2.5 per cent of men and 1.6 per cent of women.

  3. Set goals! In fact I find that setting a ‘set’ of goals is quite effective. It allows one to set themself in preparing to achieve some or all of them. But… one most not overdo or overstretch themselves. Sometimes its important to just Set.

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