Burning out

No…..that’s not the process you go thorugh when you spin the tyres rapidly while trying to get a small four-cylinder car up a steep, wet driveway. It’s more the process you go through when you attempt to do two full time jobs at once, and try to do both of them properly. I have to confess to being less than thrilled at having a second full time job thrust in my lap for four weeks (fourth week starting today). Bad enough that I had allowed myself to think I was above the level of the extra job, but add the fact that it was the position I held up until about two years ago, and that I have had to commute an hour back across the damn bridge to get there because I moved house to be closer to work, and it just hasn’t been particularly enjoyable. I have had many former contacts call me saying “great, you’re back”, which is really nice for my ego but doesn’t say a lot for how those who followed me in the job have maintained my legacy to the area. On balance, too many people wishing I was back for good for my liking…..I don’t want our GM to get any silly ideas like sending me back there.

The other bummer was that this all took part in a period that covered the school holidays. Spending valuable Child A and Child B time is hard enough at the best of times, but go back to commuting two hours a day and it is just that much tougher. Yesterday, however, was really pleasant in a lazy kind of way. I spent the morning playing Monopoly with Child S (he beat me without too much help, although he would have gone broke if I hadn’t gently dissuaded him from “helping” and “being nice” as my play-money ran out. Sweet really. I spent the afternoon introducing Child A to the Lord of the Rings movies. She loved them, and we enjoyed making jokes at the expense of the orcs and marvelling at the return of Gandalf. We’re two movies down and one to go, but I hope she still reads the books one day……great reading.

The visit from Brother Joe was great, although again it would have been nice to work closer to home so my time was more flexible. I’m very excited to hear that he will tread the well-worn path of ageing that I once followed and lace on the footy boots again. “You’re a long time retired” is a very true football sentiment, and there’s nothing wrong with playing until you’re hounded out of the game for being too old/slow/fat/talentless…..and even then you can get a second, third and fourth opinion. Remember BJ….beware the “tap and fill”.

Beloved K is a level 51 night-elf, who can change in to a bear and has a mechanical yeti for a pet. What more can I say?



6 thoughts on “Burning out

  1. is there an outside chance you could enjoy the drive.

    radio or CDs time.

    count the red cars.

    dont get hypertensive.

  2. I’m pretty sure it’s high blood pressure……and I don’t have it. Mine was checked when I gave blood the other week….textbook reading!

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