Back to me…..

Next time you are typing something (even a comment on this blog) try this exercise – type normally with your right hand, but only use the index finger on your left. Not so easy, is it? How did I discover such a thing? By breaking the middle finger of my left hand last Thursday. How do I know it was broken? Well, the swelling is still there going on to a week later, and it still hurts mightily when i bang it on something…..or when I use it to type, button my shirt or lift a full, heavy saucepan. Last Thursday I drove to another office of my company to pick up a manager on the way to a restaurant to meet two representatives of an important client. When I got out of the car, I slammed the door shut on the tip of my middle finger on my left hand. By the time I got inside the nail had started to turn bright purple, but as you can imagine it has since turned to black….I’m going to lose the nail eventually. During the drive to the venue (half an hour away) I managed to concentrate largely on the 99 per cent of my body that wasn’t hurting. All was covered nicely until I went to use cutlery……it’s quite embarrassing to have a major client offer to cut up your lunch for you. All-in-all it has been a painful and frustrating experience, but one that I will no doubt learn from.

Right now it is 51 and a half minutes short of one of my favourite people’s birthdays….happy birthday Mum. Thanks for the inspiration, the believing in causes and the example of making a difference. One thing readers might find amusing…especially you Nicki…I did some quick-fire shoppping during my lunch break yesterday and, keeping with what is slowly becoming a tradition, bought Mum a biography for her birthday, bought a card and sent them via express post in the hope they would arrive on her birthday tomorrow. In the early hours of this morning I woke in a cold sweat…dead certain that I had sent her the exact same book as I sent for the most recent previous celebration of the same occasion. Nicki….if you could check with my Mum and report back here it would be lovely! Everyone else, please continue laughing while I shop for a replacement.

I have been enjoying a bit of work/life balance (or whatever they call remembering your children’s names) lately. Both Child A and Child S have started another season of Auskick….and both are loving it. Child A has just about the biggest kick of anyone there, and Child S’s kicking and marking skills have improved out of sight. Tonight I saw Abbey sing with a mass choir from about 14 different primary schools. It was great, but it was much easier to hear her as we sang Missy Higgins duets on the way home in the car! I’ve booked a leave day for Monday, the September school holidays off and four weeks at Christmas as well. Woohoo!

Beloved K is having a rough trot…..the cold/flu bug has knocked her for six and she has so far lasted a grand total of two hours at work this week. Get well soon … we’re missing your smiling face! Tonight she kindly suggested that it would be better if I was sick at the same time so I could stay home and keep her company…….hmmmmmmm.

Haven’t caught up with Jury for a week or so because she’s been working. Might have to bring Child S around to play with Cousin J this Saturday anyway. Can Nephew K make a decent coffee?



4 thoughts on “Back to me…..

  1. relaaaaxxxx. your mum said hilary clinton biog would be fine. she said even if shes had it before she will treasure it because its from you. (sounds as if she really likes you). also said what a weirdly interesting card, maybe more suited to a biog of yoko ono.

  2. fingers really hurt when jammed in car doors. try to avoid. remove fingers from door post before closing car door. hope this is helpful.

  3. Wow, I thought that you would have grown out of those sorts of accidents by now, huh, guess not, but I hope you have stopped stubbing you big toes now ?

    So, is it broken ?

    Call over on Sat, I am sympathetic …. sometimes.

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