Speeding to September

We’ve had one of those months where everything seems to be somewhat of a blur. You turn your back for a second, and the next thing you know Child S has turned 7, Child A is about to turn 12 (who allowed that?) and my annual leave for the school holidays has been cancelled because there is just nobody else to do three different people’s jobs.

Who is Child S at 7? He is a funny, quite cheeky, clever boy with passions for Warcraft (a computer game) and footy. On Saturday night he played footy at the Gabba, half time in the Lions game. He got lots of kicks, and absolutely loved the experience. He played in the centre, which means he has already been identified as having a lot more run than his dad ever had….ever!

Who is Child A at (almost) 12? She is smart, a bit sassy, who has a firm grasp of what she doesn’t want to do but is not terribly decisive on what she wants to do……decisions are not really her thing. She has a sharp sense of humour that makes me laugh nearly every day, and loves her footy (possibly because she’s daddy’s girl, but aren’t they all at that age?). Child A loves her Warcraft as well. She has quite a clear insight in to herself….for example at the markets on Sunday she bought a badge that reads “I don’t have a shot attention span, I just……Look, a kitten!”

Beloved K has been sick…..really sick…..sick enough that I had to take Friday off work to get her through the day. Suffice to say, when the thought of swallowing water makes you want to throw up, you’re sick. She is largely recovered, but is down 4kg.

It was nice to catch up with Jury and Nephew J on the weekend…..and pass on a belated birthday present. Jury’s work schedule might mean we don’t catch up for another couple of weeks, but I’m sure we’ll get there.

Other than that, there are plans left to make…..more birthdays, a smidgeon of travel and work work work.



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