Crash test Grandma

As most of my avid readers would know, I’m in Melbourne at the moment. In theory it was a quickfire trip for Grandma’s 90th birthday, but as she fell over and cracked her head and her pelvis on her actual birthday on Thursday, the party has been cancelled. I was going to cancel my trip as well, but the compassionate people at Jetstar advised that I would forfeit the fare to here and have to pay $40 to change the return flgith to another date (and then another $40 to change it again if I couldn’t use it on that date). Thanks for the compassion Jetstar.
I’m sitting at Mum’s place on a cool but sunny Saturday morning, digesting breakfast and getting ready to get in to the day. I got to Melton about 3.30pm yesterday, Mum picked me up and we went straight over to see Grandma. She was asleep when we got there so we left her to it for a bit. Don and Shirley were there. The nursing home is pretty amazing…..fitted out a bit more glittery and glammy than I expected, but really nice and comfortable. There was a notable absence of bad smells, cramped spaces or grumpy staff…..all really good. I met the director of the place who was really nice, and very switched on. Met some of Grandma’s friends as well….apparently she doesn’t really talk to many of them, but they all really like her. Is the no-talking what they like? Who knows. After about half an hour Grandma woke up and chatted for a while. She knew who I was, and was surprisingly on top of what had happened to her. She knew she had fallen over, knew she had missed her birthday (Shirley, Mum and Jan were on their way there to do family-cake with her when she fell) and responded to various people with a few different versions of how she was. She is in bed and was expected to stay there for a few days, but apparently after we left she did get up for a short while – painfully but manageable – so that was good to hear.
While we were in there (nearly a couple of hours) she had half a dozen other residents and at least as many staff members pop in to her room to see how she was doing. Her respoonses seemed to depend on who was asking, and ranged from “no use growling” to “shocking”. Jan came a bit later on in the afternoon. A bit later Shirley and Don left and we left about half an hour after that (about 6.15-ish). Considering that Grandma hit her head on a table on her way down, she actually looked fairly good. She has a bandage around her head to protect her ear stitches and other cuts and grazes, and a couple of new bruises on her arms and hands. She has either a fractured or cracked pelvis, but she is able to lift her right leg normally and her left leg a bit, so she hasn’t been completely immobilised by it…definitely a good thing.
Mum was exhausted because she and Jan had spent the entire night in the emergency department. Grandma was actually discharged at midnight and they were waiting for patient transport, which they kept promising could be there “at any time”. When it arrived, they found out the service doesn’t start until 6am. Grandma complained about the roughness of the ride back a few times yesterday.
Beloved K, please tell Child A that Great Grandma liked the card that she made and read it a couple of times. Joe, your flowers arrived, along with some from Aunty Mollie and Uncle Les, about three minutes after Don Orr asked a staff member “have any flowers arrived because we were expecting some”. Ask and ye shall receive it seems!
Today I will head up to the shops with mum, if only to pick up a cheap hand-held radio so I can listen to the Collingwood game this afternoon on my way out. We’ll go and see Grandma again, possibly around lunchtime. I’m catching the 1.53 train to Spencer Street (I don’t care how many signs call it Southern Cross Transit Centre). The 3.55pm bus from there to Avalon gets to the airport about 4.40pm, so I’ll have some sitting around to do before my 6pm flight back north, which gets in at 8.05pm. I might have to buy the Saturday Age…..dare I live the dream?
I’m looking forward to getting back tonight….and spending Fathers Day at home with Children A and S….maybe walk the dogs, kick the footys (better than the other way around, apparently!) and…and…and whatever, as long as I get to spend it with them and Beloved K.
Last but not least, I must say something in this blog that I can’t say at airports…..why the hell do I always get picked out for the explosives residue test? I got it again at BNE, and I’ll probably get it at Avalon. Seems to happen to me just about every time I fly. Was it the neatly shaven face? The threatening-looking Auskick backpack? The Fantasy novel under my arm? What!?! Needless to say the looks on the faces of the people who do this important task don’t exactly invite a lengthy discussion about their methods of choosing targets. I’d love to read that profile, just so I know how I get picked every time.

6 thoughts on “Crash test Grandma

  1. and the continuing story …

    room 100 now chockers with flowers, cards, gifts.

    grandma, being quite unfond of head bandages, removed same while unobserved.

    grandma, being quite unfond of too much attention, wonders why all the fuss.

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